The Day of the Dead Festival is looking for people to volunteer in a variety of roles such as:

• Receiving line

• Merchandise sales

• Children’s work shop station

• Set up​

• Take down​

Requirements for ALL our volunteers:

• Meet the shift minimum for your area

• Comply with our Volunteer Code of Conduct

• Have a positive approach to customer service

• Desire to contribute to, and be part of the festival

• Thrive in a fast-paced and dynamic environment

• Treat patrons, performers and other volunteers with professionalism & courtesy

Youth-Specific Requirements:

• Must be 15 years of age or older 

• Must bring your completed Parental Permission Form to Volunteer Check-In on your first shift

Volunteer Code of Conduct

As a volunteer at D.D.Festival, you are a representative of the festival when you are on festival grounds, at a festival event, and/or wearing clothing identifying you as a D.D. Festival volunteer.

D.D. Festival reserves the right to revoke on-site volunteer privileges without notice, or to prevent individuals from participating in future D.D. Festival-related events if any of the following behaviours are observed while representing the festival:

• Checking in to the site and not reporting for a scheduled shift

• Unreported or excessive absences

• Repeated tardiness

• Failure to be effective at assigned tasks

• Inappropriate behavior or negative attitude

• Unnecessary use of cell phone while on duty

To register please send an e mail to [email protected] including the following information:



Date of volunteering:

Roll you are interested:

Morning or evening schedule:

We can’t wait for you to join Day of the Dead Festival Team !